Beholder Yellow Reptile Eye Illuminati Orgone Pyramid Fossil Rings Recycled Zippers Natural Turquoise 3.75 inches wide


Out of all the orgone Power collecting pyramids we make, this one is one of our favorites!

Behold the Yellow-y eye of the watching reptillian overlords...from Egyptian times, wielding the power of the illuminati! Or something like that. Whatever you want to say about it, once it is in your hands, you are the storyteller!

Packed with fantastic minerals - Grape Agate, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Copper Rods, Gem Peridot, and of course, a great tip of Turquoise and Gold.

The base is recycled copper wtih two polished fossil circles surrounding brass from recycled zippers!

Super fun pyramid, chock full of character - Sure to inspire! Get that Orgone energy out of the sky and into your pyramid!

***---All of our items are HANDMADE by US---***
We twist and coil our own wire, coils and spirals
We create all of our own foils
We crush our own minerals and rocks
We mine a LOT of what we use in our products
We use RECYCLED items
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